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tv   News  ABC  October 31, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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called this thing since the beginning of october said we would have a halloween weekend storm. and he was right on the money. he is a 24 degrees near gettysburg and thicker frost. and karen says thick frost in hickory hard frost in the cars and hazel says that. and by the way we are getting frost reports in abington and sapage jack frost walked all over her school bus. we have thick frost to contend with this morning and we have ourselves dense fog just across the border in new york and adams county and clouds trying to race in here. may make for a pretty sunrise. but it may make for a long monday morning. ten minutes or so to warm up the vehicle and scrape that frost off. mid-20s to mid-30s about 5 # degrees with increasing clouds and -- 54 degrees with increasing clouds. now let's get you out the door with tanya. >> reporter: an accident in north laurel. 59 at 216. no information on lanes or the direction right now. let's look live out there at
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beltway and see how things are moving along. this is at frederick road the end of the slow down on outer loop to the right. it will be slow on the outer loop at 795. so be aware of that. 95 past the 895 split we have an accident that is causing major delays. southbound on 95, the two left lanes were closed and now just the left lane is closed. you are getting by to the right but this is going to take some extra time. drive times are being affecteded in certain areas 95 out of white marsh to the beltway could take up to 8 minutes because the delay starts at the beltway. outer loop from 795 to 70 stop and go. that could take you 9 or 10 minutes as well. back to you. >> breaking news we are following involving a long time bar and restaurant on fire now for close to two hours. it started inside the mount washington tavern. >> north baltimore about two hours ago did -- tavern in northbaltimore about two hours ago lind see is live with the latest from the phone. >> reporter: the fire is not out. there's lots of smoke here. you can smell it miles away.
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as you mentioned, this call camein before 5 and when firefighters got here, they found a lot of smoke and a lot of flames and because the dangerous conditions they were not able to go inside to fight the fire. they had to stay outside because as you know this building is old and made of wood so there was the fear of collapse. that's why firefighters had to stay outside and attack the fire from outside. they are continuing to do so as we speak. mount washington tavern is a fixture of the community. owners we are told are here on- site and it doesn't look like just judging from the intensity of the fire this tavern will be able to reopen any time soon. at this point, we don't know where the fire started or if foul play was involved. good news is no one was inside the tavern when the fire started and there are no reported injuries at this time. we will continue to stay there and bring you updates in a couple minutes. charley, back to you. >> all right. linda so live at mount
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washington tavern this morning thanks so much. well, it's being called a freak october storm after a rare nor'easter dumped tons of snow across the northeast. and that snow stopped falling and headaches continue, cleanup is beginning. corinne redman is here with new information on the storm. they called this meteorologist called this but even as the storm came, many were surprised by how much snow it dop ped. >> reporter: many people were taken off guard even in the western parts of the state people saw a half foot of snow in allegheny county but for those who live in the northeast they are dealing with huge aftermath of this. which includes power outages and downed trees and dangerous road conditions. look at this video. as you can see from the pictures, ghosts goblins and jack-o'-lanterns are smoothered in snow. it brought more than 2 feets in some parts of massachusetts more than 4 million residents in five states are without power and five people have died as result of store storm.
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heavy snow and ice brought tree lines crashing down many airline travelers were strand after a weekend of cancellations. interstate 95 cas closed in pennsylvania yesterday after a 30-car pileup. >> i am so shocked. everybody is shocked. trees are shocked. >> no heat or food no power. and it's october. >> reporter: now some communities across the northeast are asking trick or treaters to wait before heading out. wait for the snow is to today melt and temperatures to come up. >> exactly. all right. thanks so much. now a surprise tom of you here snow blanking parts of the outer state and mid afternoon in germantown the grassy areas were snow covered. roads were slushy mess and further in frederick county conditions deteriorate and there were a lot of snow but some people say they don't mind. >> it's october and we have the great snow. it's awesome. >> snow is october is a good
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thing. >> yeah absolutely. absolutely. we don't have to mow the grass and get to play outside good stuff. >> there are 11,000 power outages in our state and most of them in the western areas maryland. news time 6:34. don't forget to get the latest weather updates at the abc2 weather app for your iphone or ipad and hourly and 7-day forecast. you can find the link to that app at page and while there, check out maryland's most powerful radar and head to headlines drunk driving can get you in trouble and so can distracted driving especially if it leads to hitting a marked -- hitting a marked police car. police say the convicted felon was texting while driving over the legal blood alcohol limit and had opened containers and a loaded rifle with ammunition sitting in the front seat along with a hunting bow and knife. >> he pretty much admitted to most of the things he was
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cooperative with usyou might say did he a lot of things wrong. how unlucky can you get if you are going toend somebody, why would you drive into a fully marked squad car? >> all things being equal the crash was at low speed and the office-- not the officer or other driver were hurt. this man is dropping tree branches off into a parking lot at a denver high school like many other people did during the weekend. the problem is, the city gave the wrong address for a tree limb drop off site. now the parking lot is a mess. no word on what the city plans to do about the problem. smote. &. [ music ] >> and in true halloween fashion dancing zombies in an attempt to break the record for the most people dancing to the michael jackson's thriller. the event was in 2009 with more than 23,000 people take part in 264 cities across 33 countries.
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no word if they were successful. the event had more serious causes as well. donations were accepted to benefit a variety of charities in those respective cities godidn't work well for netflix and red box will raise their fees but by how much? and you may not have purchased your halloween candy but retailers want you to think about the christmas shopping. one store plans to do to get you in their doors when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday.
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6:40 and booed news for imloiive buffs. rud red box -- movie buffs. red box box is raising fees that used to cost a dollar to pick up a dvd and now it will cost 20 cents more.
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red box raised prices in part because of higher debit card fees. well it may be something fishy in your seafood. consumer report tested 190 piece of seafood at stores and restaurants across several states. it turns out that 22% of those were fraud. they were either mislabeled and different species incompletely labeled or ms identified. it is required by law to be labeled correctly. target plans to open at midnight on friday november 25th the day after thanksgiving. the early black friday opening for chain. they are extending store hours throughout the holiday season. tomorrow your commute will be more expensive traveling through maryland's tolls. also this morning, we have breaking news out of north baltimore. a fire moved through long time restaurant and bar. >> reporter: it's an intensifier at popular tavern in mount washington. i am linda so. we will have live details coming up.
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coming i will tell you why finding a job is especially hard for female veterans. the story is ahead. halloween is certainly in the air at one local restaurant in perry hall. i am sherrie johnson a look at decorations coming up. these are a few of the reports of getting this morning with thick frost and need a few extra minutes to warm up the car and scrape off the windshield. we will talk about a warming trend for halloween coming up. slow traffic on 95 southbound from the 895 split all the way up into white marsh. we will look closer at howard county when "good morning maryland" continues.
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good monday morning. i am charley crowson as abouty day to tart work -- start your workweek. crews battling a two alarm fire and veterans having trouble finding work after returning home from iraq and sherrie is getting us ready for halloween. let's get started as we do every time this time of day with a check of the forecast
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with meteorologist just berk. >> big talk better snow and it was not that far away. reisterstown had two inches 3 1/2 in parkton and manchester 7 inches and northern frederickhad 11 and 6 inches an average give or take across adams and york connedy and numerous power out annals and widespread fog. we have widespread frost. whether you had snow or not it's 30 in baltimore 24 in york, p.a. and 32 in easton. clouds coming ahead and they will increase throughout the day. but we start mostly clear and 25 to 35 the spread and chilly at bus stop. warm the car up and scrape the thick frost off 5 # and the trick or treeding forecast in moment. tanya. >> reporter: outer looed is slow from -- loop is slow from -- let's look live at frederick. it is moving well here even though there is volume in both directions. 95 south in white marsh is backed up due to an earlier accident that is now out of the
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way. that was at 895. break news out of north baltimore war fire a two condition condition where a fire a. two -- a fire a. two alarm fire at at popular restaurant and pub. let's go to linda so. >> reporter: you can see firefighters are still here working on this fire at mount washington tavern. a popular tavern around here. kevin cart wright joins us you have a chance to see the building what does it lock like in. >> very heavy damage. when we arrived on the scene around 5 a.m., the building was nearly fully involved. heavy flames and heavy smoke conditions and literally filling the neighborhood. right now, as you indicated, all the flames were exteng wished and we continue to saturate the building. once we assessed it is safe fire investigators and police and arson detectors will determine exactly what caused the fire and we know that this
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restaurant mount washington tavern is astaple in the community for a number of years and our hearts go out to the owners. >> reporter: and you said when firefighters arrived they weren't able to go inside. >> exactly due to intense flames and you safe conditions it was necessary to go to exterior operation meaning excontinuing wishing the fire from outside with pipes and just to suppress the fire. at this point the fire is completely extinguished and fire fighters will go in with hand lines to get the areas that are not reachable by the ladder pipes. >> reporter: judging from the intensity of the fire do you think they will be able to reopen soon? >> it suffered significant damage and whether or not they will be able to open right away is a concern. >> reporter: okay. kevin thanks so much for joining us. again, a fire an intensifier at mount washington tavern. flames are out. no injuries were reported and no one was inside when the fire started. but they are still working onattacking it making sure hot spots are out and they will be
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here for a few hours. one thing to know is if you live or work in the area, there are a lot of roads closed around here. mount washington, the stores in the markets and tavern area so that's one thing to keep in mind. the road will be closed for several hours. live in mount washington, linda so, abc2 news. get ready to pay more. statewide hike on the toll road going into effect at midnight. the fort mchenry tunnel will be a dollar more. instead of $2 it's going to be 3. and same for the harbor tunnel and key bridge. if you cross the bay bridge it will be $4 instead of the previous amount of $2.50. hike are needed say officials to repair -- the toll hikes are need say officials for repairs to the roads. there's an expansion of a program allowing people to donate frequent flyer miles to military families. they are making that announcement this afternoon and b-- at bwi airport. more than 24,000 tickets so far
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have been given out in an estimated value of $40 million. we know the economy has been through -- has been very rough and jobs are hard to come by. but the job let rate for femaleveterans may be higher than ever. carin -- corinne redman is here to tell us about what's being done to curb the problem. >> reporter: post 9/11 americans are hired at a overage. with jobless rate of 14.7 female veterans faired worst that the male counterparts. some of the challenges is child care and dealing with the va system unaccustomed to female veterans and female vets say people forget women are in combat and need the same benefits, skills and training that their male counterparts received. here's one female navy veteran here's what she had to say about the problem. >>i didn't know how to do a resume i never had to do one. >> reporter: now the obama
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administration has been working on a plan to address the high jobless rates among vets. the jobs bill would give companies that hire vet a tax credit of $9600. corinne redman, abc2 news. it's 6:50 a big problem has 240 students moving from the dorms to a cruise ship. they are headed on board today. mold is innovated one of the dorms at st. mary's and students are having to stay in hotels but others are on board the sea voyager and will be docked off the potomac river a press conference will be held at 11 to further discuss the move and what he being done to fix the problem. students could be on the ship until the end of the semester. halloween and many people with dressing up and a restaurant is doing its part to get people in the spirit for a treat for customers. sherrie johnson joins us live. >> reporter: hello, charley. i am here at mcdonned's on -- mcdonald's on bel air and perry hall where they have decorated
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this place. follow me here. let me show you what they have got going on. look at this bish. -- witch. a woman after my own heart stirring the witch's brew and they have a lot of blowup dolls with the halloween theme here and this is rest in peace here. they have the pumpkin and ghosts and look at this skeleton. unbelievable. so, so scary. unbelievable. i tell you, they have got me creeped out here. and right now, i have the grim reaper joining me here. tell me -- okay, my gosh, what is that -- i will pass don't want that. now tell me -- what is the reason why you guys do this each year? >> for community. just for the community. we are out here, we like the seniors and the kids and we like to do this. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: and some of these, about 50% are your decorations you really get into it. >> my son started it at 9 years old and i continued. >> reporter: wonderful. how do the customers feel.
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>> they love it. it's a little slow but it's senior thing and we will have kids coming in for breakfast and they will come before going to school. a lot them will be late for school today. >> reporter: i could imagine. there's a lot going on in here. thanks so much. they have a brunch going on from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and getting into the halloween spirit and hey happy halloween reporting live if perry hall, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. advocates say community leaders will join governor o'malley as more than 50 organizations receive state funding to fight against violence against women. the stop violence against women act provides funding to help agencies. juries in a brookry trial of curri will get underway this week. he is charged with using his position to benefit a
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supermarket chain. all teens from the age of 16 to 18 are encouraged do get hiv test if they live in an area where more than,000 people have the infection. -- more than a thousand people have the infection. recovery efforts continue in kansas for a grain elevator worker and two inspectors missing and feared dead following an explosion. three other workers were killed in the blast that was so powerful it was shaking the ground and being felt in nearby missouri. families in baltimore city are getting help with homes and making them more energy efficient. it's part of the national weatherration day. families can qualify and oaring's say it will help lower energy bills. the event is at 10 in north baltimore near mount washington. justin. >> 6:54. i got a question about mount washington wondering about the elementary school. we will look into that. i used to live in that area across the street from the
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tavern. we will see if it's impacted a couple blocks away and it may be a light rail issue. we will look into that for you. by the way, low pressure and storm to the west. the issue this morning is scraping frost off the windshield if your car is parked outside and if you walk outside, there may be ice on the steps and sidewalk and especially where there were snow. cloud streaming in this morning. and they will lower and thicken. showers on the other side of the mountains likely to stay there much of the day as the energy will be histed towards a developing storm system in the carolinas. this is not going to be the  same as the weekend because this is further to the east and may spread rain our way. overnight i think we are good for trick or treaters but toward midnight and overnight and morning, we look at possible morning showers especially delmarva through mid- day a wind and wave generator but it pushes off the coast. by wednesday we warm back up
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and slightly above normal a nice start to november. we get to the end of october at 54 degrees. below normal. look for increasing clouds but a mild one and thanks to the clouds trick or treaters not nearly as chilly. most areas should be near 50 degrees when you get out this evening. showers after midnight for many of us around the bay and east 42. tomorrow afternoon, back to 55. 60 wednesday and low 60s will be thursday through the weekend with dry weather. tanya. >> reporter: slow traffic from harford to providence. let's look on the northwest side stop and go 795 to edmondton. looking at 59 north of white marsh boulevard, you do have slow traffic due toarler delays -- earlier delays at 895 at split. but that accident is gone. all the traffic is making my hair turn gray. >> really? >> reporter: yes i. don't know what it is and don't feel ride. >> you in the mood. >> reporter: i am in the mood. >> about time you put that thing on. >> reporter: happy halloween. >> she wears it to work every morning. about time you shared it.
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>> yes. on her broom and has that parked out front. quickly for you, s is abils vis elementary in frederick county is is going to be closed. >> they had 11 inches there. >> 11 inches. >> let's go to new york for "good morning america.
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